Creating New Products with Innovation

TWINT and Nespresso customers have been able to reorder coffee capsules using a simple scanning process for around a month now. TWINT is thus helping to simplify many day-to-day problems with innovative approaches.


Many people are currently working from home and have experienced the situation in which you take the last coffee capsule to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and then forget to buy more Nespresso capsules. As a result, you cannot enjoy a delicious cup of coffee the following day. TWINT and Nespresso have joined forces to come up with an extremely simple solution to solve this situation – using the QR code affixed to your Nespresso machine, coffee capsules can be quickly and easily reordered. But how did such an idea come about? And how are new products developed at TWINT?

Five questions for Fernando Pena, Senior Key Account Manager at TWINT

Who came up with the idea of being able to reorder coffee capsules by means of a QR code?

Nespresso was on the lookout for innovative ideas and companies in Switzerland and came across TWINT. Working together, the two companies have discussed and evaluated a wide range of ideas. These creative meetings fired the imaginations of our teams, as well as those of Nespresso, too.

Why was a personal QR code selected as a method?

We had many different options and ideas. Here at TWINT, we are already using the QR code in many different applications and the numerous advantages offered in these examples also proved convincing to Nespresso.

How long did it take for the idea to be actually realised?

It took around two-and-a-half years from the first meeting in August 2018 until the overall launch in February 2021. However, you cannot provide a general time frame for developing innovative ideas, as such innovations are developed in an agile process in line with the MVP approach (minimum viable product). This means that initial solutions were launched on the market and tested with customers in multiple “test and learn” phases that were carried out in collaboration with Nespresso. The first solution went live on the market just six months after the start of the project. This is the only way in which we are able to optimally respond to customer needs and provide our customers with an ideal “user experience”.

How many people are involved in such a project?

If we take the Nespresso solution as an example, a 5-strong team worked together and brought together the best aspects from the two companies. The team was made up of employees from TWINT, Nespresso and SQLI – Nespresso’s technical partner for all matters concerning integration.

Are there any further innovations and collaborations planned for the future?

The TWINT QR code solution can be used for various Nespresso applications. Further innovative products and services will be launched this year. When two companies work together, the number of innovations, ideas and ultimately solutions that are developed as a result is almost limitless. I really like this!

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