Last chance to win: use TWINT at Coop and win CHF 1000!

Simply save your Supercard details and make a TWINT payment at Coop.

Pay using TWINT in Coop

You can pay conveniently and securely at all Coop cash registers using the TWINT Beacon: Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone. Open the TWINT app and select ‘Pay with Beacon’ on the home screen. Hold your smartphone up to the TWINT Beacon and select ‘Pay now’.

The benefits of saving your Coop Supercard in the TWINT app:

  • You automatically collect Superpoints every time you use TWINT to make a payment.
  • It saves space in your wallet/purse.
  • You can also use your activated vouchers without needing to have your physical Supercard.

Use TWINT at Coop throughout September and win!

Save your Coop Supercard in the TWINT app and use TWINT to pay for your shopping in Coop by 30 September 2019. You will automatically be entered in the draw for a chance to win one of three prizes of CHF 1000.

Conditions of participation


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