‘Coop is convinced about TWINT’

The Coop Group was one of the first major retailers to put its faith in TWINT. It did so almost across the board, incorporating the solution in both its online and offline channels. But what were the actual reasons behind its decision to do so? We put this question to August Harder, CIO of the Coop Group, and also found out how he uses TWINT himself.

Mr Harder, it has been possible to pay with TWINT at Coop since 2015 – what have the results been to date?
'Overall, TWINT is a very good, quick and convenient payment solution, and this is also especially true in the area of e-commerce. As is the case with all new solutions, there were of course one or two challenges at the outset. These were all quickly rectified, however. Users, customers and store employees initially had to get used to the solution with the TWINT Beacon. Everything is now running smoothly.'

What is especially important to Coop when it comes to payments?
'Coop provides its customers with a choice of payment options. For all means of payment, it is important that they are simple, quick and convenient to use and that they are secure and cost-efficient. This has been the requirement for TWINT since the start of the project and forms the basis for how we measure TWINT’s performance each month.'

Where is it possible to pay with TWINT within the Coop Group?
'Within the Coop Group, we have introduced the Beacon in almost all stationary formats. Toptip/Lumimart is the exception at present. TWINT has also been activated as a payment option in almost all online shops. Since the relaunch of TWINT in April 2017, we have recorded a significant increase of up to 50% relative to the respective prior-year month in all formats, both in the area of stationary retail and in e-commerce.
TWINT is especially used as a means of payment where time is of the essence, such as in 'Coop to go' as well as in stores situated close to stations or schools and in Coop restaurants. We are also, however, recording very good results in the area of e-commerce, depending on the shop.'

In your opinion, why is TWINT especially interesting for merchants?
'The majority of TWINT users have connected their bank account to the app or top up their credit (prepaid function). This leads to competitive transaction prices for merchants. From Coop's perspective, the option for customers to save their Supercard in TWINT is worthy of special mention. This means the information is automatically transmitted directly to the cash register during the payment process and the physical Supercard no longer needs to be scanned. This helps to speed up the cash-register process for customers.'

What direction will the partnership between TWINT and Coop take from here?
'Coop is convinced about TWINT and is therefore offering TWINT platforms aimed at increasing its use; a current example is the Superpoints campaign being held this September. Coop regularly talks with TWINT about possible measures in the areas of applications, technology and marketing.'

How do you personally mostly use TWINT?
'I mostly use TWINT in e-commerce and when for small, quick purchases as well as for transferring money to my children, who have also installed TWINT on their mobile phones.'

The image shows a portrait of August Harder in front of a blue sky.

About August Harder
August Harder has been CIO of the Coop Group since 1998. Coop is active in the retail sector in Switzerland and the wholesale sector across Europe and has around 80,000 employees. August Harder also heads up the IT Committee of the Consumer Goods Forum and is Chairman of the Electronic Payments Association (Verband Elektronischer Zahlungsverkehr).


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