Conditions of participation

Every customer that uses TWINT to pay money into their Swisslos account every week from 22 July to 18 August 2019 has the chance to win one of the 35 weekly prizes of CHF 100 and the jackpot of CHF 1000. For example: if you use TWINT to pay money into your Swisslos account in calendar week 30/2019 but not in any other weeks in which the competition is running, you will only have the chance to win a prize in calendar week 30/2019. Should you use TWINT to top up your account in every week in which the competition is running (calendar weeks 30-33/2019), you will have the chance of winning a prize every week.

The winners will be informed of their prizes via a push notification and an in-app tip in the TWINT app. We reserve the right to announce the winners of the jackpot on the website (“Max M. from Musterstadt has won the third weekly prize of CHF 1000.”). The prize will be transferred to the account saved in the TWINT app.

Winners have the right to rescind the prize. In such cases, the customer must contact the Customer Service of the used TWINT app. There is no purchase obligation. It shall be possible to take part free of charge via the online form below. Each customer can only win once during the promotion period. The points will be credited to the Supercard account once the competition has ended.

In cases of suspicion of fraud or misuse, TWINT reserves the right, without stating a reason, to exclude individual TWINT users from the promotion, stop the promotion or reclaim the prize. Should TWINT exclude individual TWINT users or stop the promotion, there shall be no entitlement to payment or compensation. TWINT shall not be liable for server failures and performance problems encountered by banks that participate.

In addition, the terms of the TWINT app used to make the payment shall also apply.

The promotion shall be organised by TWINT AG, Stauffacherstrasse 31, CH-8004 Zurich. TWINT AG shall be solely responsible for the promotion.

All natural persons aged 12 and above and residing in Switzerland shall be eligible to participate in the promotion. Swiss law applies. There shall be no right of appeal. There shall be no correspondence regarding the competition.

Gewinnspiel «Apfelkiste»
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