Making cashless payments to the postman

As of the end of September 2017, Swiss Post customers across Switzerland have been able to pay cash on delivery and charges using TWINT. We joined a postman on his rounds and spoke about new services, TWINT and the weather.

The image depicts postman David Gartmann with a Swiss Post customer.

David Gartmann likes to be outdoors. “You really ought to if you want to be a postman. But you only get really bad weather a couple of days a year. The rest is fine”, says the 37-year-old and puts on his Swiss Post cap. It's a murky, chilly November day in the small village of Felsberg in the canton of Graubünden.

David Gartmann pre-sorts the consignments.
Before David Gartmann sets off on his delivery round, he has to pre-sort the consignments in the early morning.

David Gartmann has been at work since six in the morning: “First, we sort the mail and parcels in Chur, then we load the car.” When it rains, he's certainly happy that he can go on his round by car and not by motorbike. “But the motorbikes are cool, they’re electric,” he adds.

Swiss Post does lots of 'cool' things and when it comes to its services, Swiss Post is very innovative, says Gartmann: “I like that, it's the future”.

 “I’m delighted when customers pay on their doorstep using TWINT.”
David Gartmann, postman

One of the latest services of Swiss Post is also the possibility to pay cash on delivery and charges to the postman on the doorstep using TWINT. TWINT is very simple: customers no longer have to find the relevant cash and the settlement is automatic, says Gartmann summarising the benefits. And so it's clear for him: “I’m delighted when customers pay on their doorstep using TWINT.”

On his round in Felsberg, during which letters and parcels are delivered together, a small cash on delivery parcel is ready for delivery. Gartmann asks the customer whether she uses TWINT. “I’m afraid I’m a little old-fashioned in that respect”, she laughs, saying that she doesn't use it.

“Paying with TWINT is really convenient.”
TWINT customer

The postman also offers another customer, who's in her garden and doesn't have her wallet on her, to pay using TWINT. She’s surprised and pulls out her mobile: “I downloaded the app some time ago, and sometimes use it at Coop.” The postman scans the parcel with his device and enters the amount. The TWINT QR code then appears. The customer scans it with the TWINT app on her smartphone, done. Would she pay the postman again like that? “Yes, that was really convenient and above all you don’t need any cash”, she says.

Scan the QR code with the TWINT app
Paying with TWINT takes a matter of seconds: scan the QR code with the TWINT app and confirm payment. Finished!

The postmen work in teams and switch rounds. “It used to be different, you may have had the same round all your life. It’s more exciting to switch rounds”, says Gartmann, who is celebrating his 20th anniversary at Swiss Post this year. And that's also what he likes so much about his job: “Clearly the variation. I particularly like the Felsberg round, I know everyone there.”

And with that Gartmann has to be on his way, a whole car full of letters and parcels is waiting to be delivered. The sun gradually comes out. “I would prefer it if it snowed”, laughs the postman. A proper Graubünden native.

David Gartmann delivers letters and parcels by car.
A murky, chilly November day in Felsberg, Graubünden. Postman David Gartmann delivers letters and parcels by car.


What you need to know about TWINT payments at Swiss Post
  • Swiss Post customers have had the option to pay for consignment costs such as cash on delivery and charges on their doorstep to the postman using TWINT as of the end of September 2017.
  • Some 13,000 postmen and women of Swiss Post doing the rounds in Switzerland every day execute TWINT payments using a scanner.
  • Payments can also be made using TWINT at more than 650 post offices and at For regulatory reasons, payment transaction products are ruled out.


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