Dear Customer Our Contact Centre staff are here to help you solve your problem quickly. To do this, they are able to see your monitor in real time through an encrypted Internet connection but only for the duration of the telephone conversation.

Security information

  • Our Contact Centre agent is only able to see your monitor with your explicit
  • TWINT will never ask you itself to use this service.
  • This consent applies only for the duration of this telephone conversation. The connection to your PC will be terminated automatically immediately after this conversation.
  • If your Contact Centre agent has to install or uninstall third-party programs or data on your PC, he or she may do so only with your explicit consent.
  • In this context, TWINT does not accept any liability for malfunctions or damage it has not caused.
  • The entire session may be recorded for control and audit purposes.
  • Only follow requests to open websites or files if you are sure you know the identity of the person you are dealing with.

By accessing the software you accept the information given above.

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