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New: QR code sticker with payment information

Our QR code sticker can now do even more. In addition to the amount, you can also ask your customers to provide important information. Their name and address, for example, or perhaps the payment purpose and delivery details. You decide which fields your customers are required to complete and which they can complete on an optional basis. A practical and quick solution – for both you and your customers.

The fees for this service are 1.3% plus CHF 0.30 per transaction. Try out the QR code sticker with payment information now and save on the additional costs until 28.01.2024.  

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The benefits of the QR code sticker

Simple and quick

  • Easy registration in the merchant portal
  • Enter and download the QR code directly or order the weather-resistant sticker and have it delivered by post free of charge
  • Collect cashless payments in a simple manner without the need for any additional infrastructure (payment terminals or similar)
  • Can be used at staffed and unstaffed POS (customers pay independently)
  • Quick collection of payments without the effort of having to enter credit card or mobile numbers
  • Receive payments with or without customer information


  • No activation fees
  • No fixed monthly costs
  • No hardware costs (e.g. no need for a terminal)
  • Basis QR-Code: 1.3% fee per transaction
  • QR code with payment information: 1.3% + CHF 0.30 per transaction*
  • No minimum commission
  • Weekly and daily payment options

*We are giving you the additional fee of CHF 0.30 as a gift until 28.01.2024

Practical and secure

  • No more counting and storing cash
  • More sales thanks to a higher degree of flexibility for your customers (e.g. spontaneous purchases)
  • Theft is not possible – payments are credited securely and directly to your account
  • Confirmation screen with security features
  • Accept unlimited transactions as there are no daily or monthly receiving limits*

*The maximum amount of an individual transaction is dependent on the limits that banks set for their respective TWINT apps 

  • No unwanted exchange of mobile numbers between buyer and seller
  • Option to refund buyer
  • View transactions in the merchant portal and download them where necessary
  • Receive payment information by email or view and download from merchant portal*

*With QR code with payment info

Select the QR code sticker that best fits your sales offering

QR code sticker freely selectable amount

Basis QR-Code

Define whether your QR code should have a fixed or variable amount. Your customer scans the QR code and pays with TWINT.

  • Variable or fixed amount
  • Download QR code immediately
  • Order QR code stickers free of charge

qr code sticker promo

QR code with payment information

Define which information you need from your customers with just a few clicks. Your customer fills in these information fields and pays with TWINT.

  • Variable amount
  • Download QR code immediately
  • Order QR code stickers free of charge
  • Customer and payment information form

*1.3% + CHF 0.30 per transaction from 28 January 2024



Next steps


Register in the merchant portal. It only takes a few minutes.


Enter the desired QR code stickers in the merchant portal.


QR code stickers can be ordered free of charge and delivered by post and/or downloaded directly from the Internet.


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testimonial qr code sticker

testimonial qr code sticker

testimonial qr code sticker

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