Collect payments within your club with TWINT now!

As an addition to the basic QR code functions, our partner RaiseNow has developed solutions for clubs that extend the functionality. Your club can benefit from higher revenues thanks to the quick, simple and cashless collection of membership fees, admission fees and small contributions – either in person at events or online.

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Club solutions of TWINT and RaiseNow

TWINT and RaiseNow have teamed up to offer special solutions for your club. Get off to a flying start with the solution that more than 8000 clubs in Switzerland already rely on!


Register your club in just a few steps


Generate QR codes or send them as a paylink


Collect the amounts due cashlessly and without any fixed costs

Countless usage options for your club

With QR codes and paylinks, you can collect payments and donations quickly and easily in almost all club situations.
You only need to register once as a club and then select the appropriate solutions. These can be ordered or updated individually or collectively at any time.



Collect payments in person

You can collect any kind of payment securely and without the need for cash at events or at the clubhouse with the TWINT® QR code.

  • Food and drink at events
  • Sale of products
  • Ticket sales
  • Collections at concerts, in churches, etc.
  • Rental costs, for example for hiring a tennis court
  • Entry fees


Print your QR codes

For letters, flyers, brochures, notices, postcards, adverts and much more. This method is ideal for collecting the following payments:

  • Patronage contributions and donations
  • Club fees
  • Membership fees
  • Sponsorship payments
  • Bills




Collecting payments online

Whether it is on your website or in an e-mail, a WhatsApp or text message, a social media post or any other digital medium: simply insert a paylink and link it directly to the payment/donation page. Suitable, among other things, for:

  • Patronage contributions
  • Contributions, membership fees, sponsorship payments
  • Paying bills
  • Online donations
  • Donations during live streams
  • Course fees and ticket sales

Try out QR codes and paylinks now

Try now PayLink:

Try it out now. To do so, scan the QR code below with your TWINT app or click on the paylink. Please note: the demo version can be used with a freely chosen amount of CHF 1 or more. RaiseNow will transfer all amounts it receives to a charity.

  • Weekly payment
  • Generate as many paylinks and QR codes as you require
  • Display your club logo
  • Collect fixed and variable amounts

TWINT QR code and club software

Does your club use club software or would you like to introduce such software in the near future? The TWINT and RaiseNow QR code and paylink solutions are linked technically to various club software programs. This way, you will benefit from the direct booking of your club revenue, for example. Available for Clubdesk, Fairgate and Webling.

What clubs say

Andreas Burri
Verein Mini-TLF, Neuenegg (BE)

«One of the main advantages of the RaiseNow TWINT QR code for me is the fact that I no longer have to carry change with me or chase after money.» 

Ivan Rettig
Blasorchester Feldmusik Neuenkirch (LU)

«At our last event, admission could be paid in cash or via the RaiseNow TWINT QR code. We will also continue to offer this convenient payment method in the future.» 

Michael Röllin
March Marmots, Region March (SZ)

«Membership fees can be paid to us in cash and now also via the RaiseNow TWINT QR code. A large number of our members really appreciate this cashless option.» 

About RaiseNow

As an addition to the basic QR code functions, our partner RaiseNow has developed solutions for clubs that extend the functionality. RaiseNow has been the leading provider for cashless payments and donations for clubs, associations and other non-profit organisations since 2015. Over 16000 clubs in Switzerland rely on the expertise and enthusiasm of the entire RaiseNow team.

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