Scan, order and pay.

TWINT QR Code Table Display

Collect payments hygienically and contactlessly in restaurants.

TWINT QR Code Table Display
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COVID-19 has presented us with new challenges. Would it not be beneficial if orders had already been placed, payments made and the tip transferred so that all the staff have to do is bring guests their orders? TWINT® and Yoordi are helping to implement these measures so that you can serve your guests.

Secure, hygienic and contactless.

How it works

How would you like to receive orders?

  • Orders arrive via e-mail
  • Integration with the Kitchendisplay
  • Integration with the receipt printer
  • Integration with the cash register

What should your customers be able to do with the QR code?

  • Payment only (orders are placed via the service staff)
  • Order, pay for and consume the food in the restaurant (in-house)
  • Order, pay for and take the food away (takeaway)
  • Order, pay for and home delivery (delivery)


For catering businesses

  • integrated with the cash register or Yoordi Standalone
  • hygienic operation (digital menus, social distancing with staff)
  • no hardware necessary
  • tips can be integrated into the process easily
  • more sales per table
  • integration of contact-tracing is possible

For guests

  • visit restaurants with less risk of an infection
  • simply scan the TWINT QR code – no other apps are necessary
  • shorter waiting times
  • additional orders can be placed at any time

How it looks

While ordering

While paying

Try now

Order and pay with your smartphone

  • Open the TWINT App or the camera of your mobilephone
  • Scan the QR-Code
  • View the online shop demo and try out the ordering and payment process

(The prices shown will not actually be charged in TWINT)


Use TWINT and Yoordi in your restaurant from today onwards. It can be used easily with your receipt printer, kitchen display or via e-mail. With respect to connecting to cash registers, please contact Yoordi directly once you have successfully completed the registration process

Register now

Instructions on how to register

TWINT & Partner

Yoordi was founded in Zurich and offers the hospitality industry and small businesses an intuitive ordering and payment option that can be used by customers without having to download an app and does not involve any waiting times.
Yoordi will implement your customised concept in line with your individual design.

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Contactless “scanning, ordering and payment” in restaurants, at home or when you’re out and about: With the digital GG+order platform, GEHRIG GROUP provides a secure and profitable service for restauranteurs and tradespersons.

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Should you have any questions, please contact us directly via the contact details set out below:

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