Automated payments with TWINT

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Would you like a seamless payment process for your online shop or (web) app? TWINT offers the perfect solution to make processing payments simpler.

Smiling woman holding an iPad in a store
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Give your customers the option to save TWINT as the automated method of payment so that they can process regular payments quickly and conveniently. Regardless of whether they are shopping online or a regular payment is due, the amount can be debited via the “User-on-File” solution.

What are the options? 

The “User-on-File” payment method (“UoF”) is available in two different versions. Choose for yourself which option is best suited to your online shop or web app.

Option 1: User-on-File “Pay & Register”

Optimal for: Online shops and (web) apps that collect payments via a subscription model or recurring payments
With the “User-on-File Pay & Register” option, this takes no time at all: Here, TWINT can be optionally or mandatorily saved as the automated payment method during a payment process for future payments. Payments will now be automatically charged to the TWINT account. This option is particularly practical for customers who make regular payments, for example for subscriptions.

How your customers can save TWINT as the automated payment method:

  1. The customer selects TWINT as the payment method at the checkout.
  2. They then go through the usual payment processes in the TWINT app.
  3. Now, when confirming the payment in the app, they can save TWINT as the automated payment method for future payments at the same time.
  4. They have now saved TWINT as an automated payment method in your online shop or app. The settings for these payments can be managed by customers themselves in the TWINT app.

UoF Process

Option 2: User on File «Registration Only»

Optimal for: Online shops and (web) apps 
Do you have an online shop or a (web) app with a login area and corresponding customer profiles?
With User-on-File “Registration Only”, your customers can – independently of a payment process – save TWINT as the automated payment method for future payments. Once it has been selected as the payment method, your customers can in the future pay in just two short steps: They select TWINT as the payment method and then confirm the payment via the “Pay” button.

How your customers can save TWINT as the automated payment method:

UoF Classic Step 2

Confirmation of registration for automated payments

UoF Classic Step 2

Registration successfull

UoF Classic Step 2

Alert to remind the user to return to the browser

The benefits for your customers of using TWINT as an automated payment method 


  • A convenient payment process
    Quicker checkout in just two steps. Regularly recurring amounts are collected automatically. You customers no longer have to worry about (almost) anything.
  • A modern shopping experience
    Automated payments are a practical and rapid payment method that make your online shop or (web) app even more attractive.
  • Full control 
    Your customers can view all of the merchants to whom they have granted approval to charge them in their TWINT app. Your customers can maintain full control of these approvals at all times and thus have the option to add new merchants and delete those they no longer require.

Woman in orange sweater holding a laptop and smiling at the screen. She is happy she can automate her payments with TWINT.

How do I activate automated payments for my online shop? 

You can activate the “automated payments” option with the following integration partners for payments.

User-on-File pay & register

Soon also with:

User-on-File registration only

Do you already have an ongoing contract with one of the partners listed above? If so, please contact them directly in order to activate this feature.

Are you a Datatrans customer? If so, please enter your details below:

Register for User-on-File

What are the requirements for offering automated payments?

You have:

  • An online shop or an app / web app that is a good fit for this payment method
  • A valid payment contract with TWINT Acquiring AG and/or one of our integration partners
  • An adequate credit rating (a credit assessment will be carried out upon submission of your application)

You offer: 

  • Your customers the option to delete any existing TWINT registrations at any time and register anew.
  • A notification in good time that the notice period is coming to an end in instances in which a customer’s subscription will be automatically extended.

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