Sell your products online in just a few steps

TWINT helps you to do so.

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How would you like to sell your products?

Together with our technology partners, we would like to offer you the opportunity to set up an online shop in just a few steps and sell your products in spite of the pandemic and the lockdown rules. Regardless of whether you would like to set up a simple or comprehensive online shop, a click & collect service, payment using paylinks or a takeaway, we will help you to do so. This will ensure that you are not only prepared for the current situation, but also for the time after lockdown.

…in a simple online shop

Would you like to sell a small selection of your products in a simple online shop, but you don’t have any experience in doing so?

…in a comprehensive online shop

Would you like to sell your range of products in a comprehensive and bespoke online shop without any major costs and within 24 hours?

…without an online shop but using a paylink

Would you like to sell your products contactlessly (e.g. by telephone), quickly and easily without an online shop – but still be able to collect cashless payments? Using a paylink, you can send your customers a payment request by e-mail, SMS or via your social media channels.

…at your premises and without an online shop

Would you like to continue selling your products at your premises via a self-service or for collection service model and in so doing allow your customers to pay autonomously?

…as a restaurant by means of a takeaway & delivery online shop?

Developed together with restaurateurs and equipped with digitised order and payment processes, your business will become more efficient and your sales will rise.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any further questions or are not sure which solution is the best for you, please contact us at [email protected].

Further information about our partners


KLARA is backed by a group of companies that are confident that the administration processes within a company can be simpler, faster and more efficient. They specialise in simplifying workflows and processes within small companies and making them more efficient.

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Payrexx simplifies the selling of goods and services across all online channels, thus allowing everyone to run their business online, regardless of their expertise in doing so and the capital they have. Whether it be products, services, online tickets or vouchers being sold, the practical Payrexx solutions will allow you to get started right away and accept TWINT payments.

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wallee is a growing start-up in the fintech sector and is on hand to help you manage your digital business both online and offline. It is already processing millions of transactions for digitally successful companies from all around the world.

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Yoordi was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2019 and offers the food services sector and small businesses an intuitive and contactless ordering and payment solution. With Yoordi, scheduled orders for takeaway and delivery can be accepted. Yoordi can be integrated directly into your own website and social media channels and thus ensures the simple and rapid expansion of your sales channels. It’s that easy that any beginner can also create such a shop and receive orders efficiently – regardless of whether they are a florist, hairdresser, beauty salon, gift shop or a restaurant.

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TWINT AG creates digital innovations in the financial sector. Since 2014, it has been developing Switzerland’s digital cash. It is thus now also possible to pay easily with Yoordi directly from the TWINT app.

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