Mobile marketing

With TWINT, you not only offer your customers a convenient payment method, but also the option to make use of attractive added-value services such as coupons and stamp cards.

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How mobile marketing works with TWINT

Digitalise customer loyalty cards

How would it be if your customers always had their loyalty card to hand? TWINT digitalises your customer loyalty card for you so that it can be stored in the TWINT app. When making payments with TWINT, customers can present their loyalty card saved in the app and also automatically take advantage of the relevant benefits as part of the payment process.

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Digital coupons

Whether a 3% discount on your entire range, a 3-for-2 offer or a CHF 5 reduction on a specific service: TWINT coupons provide you with many opportunities for attracting the attention of new customers. You benefit from greater sales and an advantageous advertising presence precisely where your customers frequently look: their smartphone.

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Digital stamp cards

TWINT digital stamp cards ensure that your customers visit you even more regularly. Instead of having to tediously issue stamps on a physical card, you can make your stamp card available digitally in the TWINT app. This allows you to benefit from greater customer retention, additional sales and an optimal channel for addressing your target group – without scattering losses.

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Prices and conditions

TWINT offers you mobile marketing campaigns at beneficial fixed prices. Should you wish to integrate customer loyalty cards, we will be happy to provide you with the prices on request.

Customer loyalty cards

Should you wish to integrate customer loyalty cards, we will be happy to provide you with the prices on request.

Stamp cards (cash register)

Fixed costs per store/yearCHF 420CHF 360CHF 300On request
Fixed costs maximumNoneNoneNoneOn request

Coupons (with/without cash-register integration)

Fixed costs per store and campaignCHF 350CHF 250CHF 200On request
Fixed costs maximumCHF 2000CHF 4000On request
Fee per redemption (as a % of the granted discount)15%15%15%On request

Coupons E-Commerce

Total online shop salesUp to CHF 250,000 total salesFrom CHF 250,000 total sales
Fixed costsCHF 500CHF 1000
Fee per redemption (as a % of the granted discount)15%15%

Volume discounts (relate to fixed costs)

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