Collect payments with TWINT

Whether at cash registers, in e-commerce, at vending machines or at a market stall: TWINT offers you a variety of options for collecting cashless payments.

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TWINT for your cash register

How do you collect payments at present? TWINT can be integrated in your existing infrastructure in a variety of ways. Select the TWINT solution that meets your needs.

Cash register with Beacon

Upgrade your cash-register system with a TWINT Beacon: the device establishes the connection between your cash register and the customer’s smartphone. This solution can be used offline – it is thus also possible to collect payments using the Beacon if your customers do not have any mobile reception. Currently available cash-register systems

Cash register with payment terminal

Allow for TWINT payments to be made on your existing payment terminal: upon collecting their payments, your customers will be shown a QR code which they scan with their smartphone. The solution is also available for mobile payment terminals.

Selfservice QR-Code

The ideal solution for unattended points of sale: provide your customers with a self-service QR code so that they can pay conveniently with their smartphone.

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Selfservice QR-Code

Collect payments on the move

Wherever you collect payments: TWINT accompanies you where your customers make their payments. Whether at a market stand or trade fair, TWINT provides you with flexible payments solutions for on the move.

Mobile payment terminal

Do you currently use a mobile payment terminal to collect payments? Integrate TWINT and accept payments easily with your smartphone. When your customers pay with TWINT, a QR code will be displayed.

Payment solution for e-commerce

TWINT is a simple and fast payment solution in e-commerce. Simplify the order process for your customers and integrate TWINT in your online or app shop.

Online shop

With TWINT, your customers can make payments in your online shop quickly and easily. Upon checking out, a QR code is displayed which they scan to make the payment. TWINT can be integrated via your payment service provider or via an appropriate plug-in for your shop solution.

App shop

A smartphone payment solution is ideal for app shops: after all, your customers already have their smartphone in their hand. To allow a payment to be made, a code is displayed which is then entered in the TWINT app. Integrate TWINT into your app shop via your payment service provider.

Integration in vending machines

Whether a payment terminal, online display, self-service QR code or TWINT Beacon: there are various options for using TWINT as a payment solution at vending machines.

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