Credit Suisse TWINT

With Credit Suisse TWINT, your smartphone is transformed into a digital wallet: link your Credit Suisse account to the Credit Suisse TWINT app – and you will be all set to make contactless payments.

A round, blue teaser containing the text: Available soon in the App Store and in the Google Play Store
A smartphone on a grey background. Both the TWINT and Credit Suisse logos are displayed on the screen of the smartphone

Functions of Credit Suisse TWINT

Credit Suisse TWINT is the app for cashless payments via smartphone for all Credit Suisse clients. With Credit Suisse TWINT, you can make secure and convenient payments and take advantage of many benefits – all with just one app.

  • Direct debiting of account
  • Send and request money
  • Save customer loyalty cards
  • Pay at cash registers
  • Pay in online shops
  • Pay at vending machines
  • Pay in apps
  • Stamp cards
  • Coupons

Credit Suisse TWINT App

Would you like to be notified when the app is available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store?

SMS Notification
By making the entry, you expressly issue your consent for TWINT to use this number for the one-time delivery of the app download link. Your mobile number shall not be used for any further purposes and shall be deleted after the notification has been delivered.
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