5 questions to… Elena Weis, Designer

She has a weakness for beautiful books and wishes she had a universal app that made her everyday life easier: a mini-profile of our Designer Elena Weis.

Who are you and what do you do at TWINT?

My name is Elena Weis and I am a Designer at TWINT. Our team is responsible for all visual tasks. We continuously develop the design of the TWINT app, design various marketing tools and take care of internal tasks in this field.

What do you like best about your job?

What I value about my job is the variety and the possibility of designing something in such a way that it makes a person’s everyday life easier.

Which app invention are we still waiting for?

A universal app that makes my everyday life easier in every respect, responds to all my needs and offers me exactly what I need in every situation. Whether I would actually use this app if it existed is another question.

What do you collect?

Books. Sometimes I buy a book simply because I like a certain detail such as the binding. As a result, I own a few books that I have never read. I am particularly fascinated by books about design and typography and by old novels.

What do you spend a lot of money on?

Stuff that I don’t really need and that gets cleared out after a short lifespan.


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